Home Insurance

It takes a lifetime of your hard work to build your dream home, hence protecting it from any untoward peril or incident is imperative. Home Insurance is necessary to safeguard your residential property and possessions against fire and burglary respectively. Basically it covers following a building and its contents from fire, lightning, riots, explosion of gas in domestic appliances, overflow of water tanks, house breaking and theft of jewellery and other valuables.

Some home insurance policies also cover loss of belongings, breakdown of domestic appliances / electrical equipments, Personal Liability to Third Parties and Personal Accident.

Certain situations and circumstances are broadly exclude under Home Insurance policies like war and war like perils, natural wear and tear, depreciation, consequential loss, gross and willful negligence of the insured , violation of policy conditions, intentional acts/self injury/ influence of drug/intoxicants in destroying property.

Various Insurance Companies provide Home Insurance policy. Basically it covers various Risks under one policy. Based on Sections client can avail discounts. Also customized covers are available depending upon the needs of the insured. helps you buy the correct policy based on your necessity.